Stop mass surveillance

Since the revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden, we know that nothing is private any more. They are spying on us day and night, there is no place to hide, unless you throw away your computer, your cell phone, your smart TV. We are surrounded by CCTV, we are under constant observation, we are potential criminals, potential terrorists, potential threats.

I do not expect much action from my government, not from the EU either. 

The internet which was intended to be a tool of freedom has turned out to be an instrument of potential oppression.

The door is open for blackmail and extortion, Georges Orwell's 1984 has become real. 

What are our governments doing? Actually, nothing at all.

My own government even denied the existence of any mass surveillance by NSA and GCHQ, the story was declared terminated without further explanations by our then secretary of state, Ronald Pofalla (CDU).

Later, when it came out that chancellor Angela Merkel had been eavesdropped for years already, there was a bit of pseudo anger (“eavesdropping on friends is not ok”) and that was it. In a phone call with president Obama, our chancellor was assured that there would be no more eavesdropping on her. Meanwhile we know that all other members of our government are under special surveillance by the NSA. One main target is our todays  Interior Minister, Thomas de Maizière (CDU), formerly minister of defence and potential candidate for the post of Secretary General of NATO. Beside Mr. de Maizière, more than 300 decision makers in Germany, politicians and business leaders alike, are in constant focus of 297 NSA personal spying on them.

Reaction of German government? Nothing!!! In May 2014 chancellor Merkel will visit Mr. Obama in Washington. I wonder what for? 

When our foreign minister, Frank Walter Steinmeier (SPD) visited Washington in late February 2014 he saw no chance for any kind of no spy agreement. Explanation: “We have different understanding about freedom and security”. However, he would enter into an intensive cyber dialogue with his partners. What doe’s this mean? Another placebo for the masses?

Is this how our politicians are representing their peoples interests? Have they capitulated already, are they on the payroll of a third party, are they blackmailed? It will be  quite interesting to see chancellor Merkel’s  performance in May.

What are the European institutions doing in order to protect our civil rights?

We, the peoples of Europe, must act ourselves. We must remind our governments every day about their duty to protect us, we must force them to act.

© Kurt Ritter 2014